Aircraft Maintenance Engineering GCAA A1/A2 Short Course

‘Nothing to Everything’ AME Course

This Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course, structured by VCATI integrates a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, spread over a span of 1 year. The classroom training covers all the GCAA Category A1/A2 modules and examinations, followed by the On-Job Training further broken down to both Line & Base Maintenance experience giving the candidate a wide industry exposure, which would further create easy employability opportunities. Divided in two parts of an equal length assures that candidate has the competency in terms of both the knowledge and its application in the field, from knowing little or ‘Nothing’ to knowing ‘Everything’ is the key motivator behind the commencement of this course.

Evening classes & weekend classes would give students the opportunity to work while they complete the examinations.

Course Overview:

Requirements: 12 years of schooling and above preferred.

Phase 1: Theoretical training

Phase 2: On-Job Training with an approved CAR 145 Maintenance Organization.

Course Overview
Theroretical Training GCAA Category A1/A2
Duration: 6 months
No. Of Hours: 432
On-Job Training
Line Maintenance 3 Months
Base Maintenance 3 Months

Following are specifications of the course:

Theoretical Training (Phase 1):

  • GCAA Category A1/A2 modules/examinations training for 432 hours spread over 6 months.
  • Flexible timings aiding ease to working professionals, work and study at the same time.
  • Quality deliverables by highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Training material provided by the institute.

The modules covered in the theoretical training:

Training/ Examinations
Module Subjects A
A1 A2
M1 Mathematics Yes Yes
M2 Physics Yes Yes
M3 Electronical Fundamentals Yes Yes
M5 Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems Yes Yes
M6 Materials and Hardware Yes Yes
M7 Maintenance Practices Yes Yes
M8 Basic Aerodynamics Yes Yes
M9 Human Factors Yes Yes
M10 Aviation Legislation Yes Yes
M11 Aeroplanes Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems Yes Yes
M15 Gas Turbine Engine Yes No
M16 Piston Engine No Yes
M17 Propeller Yes Yes

Note: This course does not constitute an approved course, and therefore will not offer any reductions in the experience requirements for those seeking license issue or extending the basic license categories.

Practical Experience (Phase 2):

  • 6 months of On-Job Training with an Approved Maintenance Organization
  • 3 months of line maintenance experience
  • 3 months of base maintenance experience
  • Airport pass provided

Fee Structure:

Fee Structure
Total Fee: USD 9,999
Above Includes: 6 Months/432 hours of classroom training
  Examination fee - first attempt
6 Months practical experience
Airport pass
Training material
Additional costs:
Visa 1,500
Accommodation 400 per month



Apply for AME Short Course

Note: VCATI issues the visa for the length of the course charging the additional cost mentioned above.

  • Flexible payment plan, payments made in 3 separate instalments.

Who should do this course:

  • Engineers on field who are looking for license.
  • Working professionals who are keen to enter the fast growing field of Aviation.
  • Engineering students who would like to enter the field as soon as possible.
  • Students who are constrained for investment.