10 Fascinating things about being an AME

As we all know being the part of the aviation industry is fascinating. It is one of the fastest growing and dynamic industry in the world. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Technicians are one of the most crucial parts of this industry. So here is the
list of fascinating things about being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

  • Span of Work: Their work depends on the stage of career and the kind of license they hold. The work typically includes:
    1. diagnosis of electrical and mechanical issues
    2. repairing and replacing of the defective aircraft parts
    3. inspection of aircraft before and after the flight
    4. testing aircraft’s communication and diagnostic systems
  • Career Growth: This field offers an amazing career path. Well-trained engineers are always in high demand (appropriately licensed). Progression to senior positions depends on the year of experience in the field and further licensing.
    Available options:

    1. management positions
    2. work for aircraft part manufacturers in designing
    3. armed forces as fitters
  • Average Earning: An average AME in Dubai earns an average salary of $77,474.67 per year (as per Aviationcv.com). Just like any other industry it depends on the expertise and years of experience. Other perks are paid leaves, free or discounted air travel, insurance plans, training, retirement benefits, and many such benefits.
  • Managing State-of-the-art equipment: You will be handling some of the most sophisticated and modern machinery in the world. Maintaining such equipment requires both precision and good analytical skills.
  • Work on various Aircraft: When we talk about aircraft we limit ourselves to airplanes. AMEs also works with helicopters, Para-gliders, Ultra-light as they also need repairs and maintenance.
  • Not stuck behind the desk: It’s a hands-on-job, you will be working in hangers, repair stations and airfields.
  • Choose affiliated Institutes for Certification and Licensing: While choosing AME institutes always check their affiliation and certification and the type of courses they provide.
  • On-job-training goes a long way: Any institute that provides OJT must be given preference. Benefits are –
    1. Practical application of the theory that you have learned
    2. Hands on experience of the industry that you want to work for
    3. Working and interacting with experienced professionals
    4. Constructive criticism helps in developing yourself
  • Work anywhere in the world: An appropriate license enables you to work for any airlines anywhere in the world.
  • Job Satisfaction: The job of an AME is vital when it comes to passenger safety. It’s not the pilots and cabin crew who ensures the safety but also the end number of engineers and technicians who work behind the scenes.