Career options for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LMAE) or Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) are the real force behind the wings.  An AME’s job not only limits to the maintenance of an aircraft but they also certify the efficiency and air-worthiness of aircraft. Their job description involves service and maintenance of aircraft engine, frames, electrical components and other ancillary fittings.

Once receiving the license candidates has many career options in front of them. You can work for one aircraft or different kinds of aircrafts depending on your license. Both private and government sectors have ample requirement of qualified maintenance engineers all the time.

Based on the operations carried out by AME’s they can be classified into two broad categories: –

  • Line Maintenance Engineers
    1. They can work on all the parts of aircrafts
    2. Take care of emergency and necessary repairs required.
    3. In the guidance of the Flight engineers, they inspect and certify aircraft prior to take off.
  • Overhaul Mechanics
    1. They handle the routine maintenance required by the aircrafts after completing the required flying hours.
    2. Complete disassembly and reassembly of parts.
    3. Overhauling the airframe.
    4. Repair of engines.

Employment Opportunities for an AME: –

  1. Private Airlines
  2. VIP and Corporate Aircrafts
  3. Government Airlines
  4. Flying Clubs and Academies
  5. Helicopter manufactures
  6. Helicopter rental services
  7. Aircraft MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls)

According to IATA the aviation industry in the Middle East is one of fastest growing in comparison to rest of the world. UAE is moving forward as the leader of this success story followed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. As per one more report from ICAO by 2030, the aviation industry will add 25000 new aircraft. Approximately 500,000 new technicians and engineers will be required to manage this large fleet. So future of AME as a career option not only looks promising but rewarding too.