Helicopters, Mr. Versatile of Aviation

Whenever we talk about the aviation industry, airplanes have always stolen most of the limelight, but helicopters have a crucial role in it. Helicopters look like a big bug simply lying on the floor. How exactly do they fly then with more precision than an airplane? Helicopters have quite distinct features other than just looks that makes them different from other airplanes. Once you understand how it really flies, you will understand the complexity of flying it.

How Helicopter Fly?

Just like other airplanes the science behind flying the helicopter follows the same principles; Lift, Force, and Thrust. The aircraft fly because of the shape of their wings which is curved on top and flat at the bottom. Thus the air passing on the top is lesser in density than the ones, which creates the Lift. Similarly, the main component that makes the helicopters fly are the rotter blades on top of it. When they rotate, they do the similar action that of airplanes wings. As the helicopter rotter spins, they generate the thrust, which moves upwards and creates the lift.

Helicopters are versatile, and multi-utility compare to the airplanes. Some of the features that make them distinct are:

  1. They can land and take off without a runway and vertically.
  2. They can hover in the air, that means they can remain still in the air without dropping down.
  3. They can maneuver 360 degrees in any direction.
  4. Helicopters have amazing towing capabilities.
  5. They are ideal for life-saving efforts because of its access to remote locations.
  6. Even if the engine stops, the rotor blades will keep rotating allowing the machine to slowly land, most of the times without crashing.

Though we know that helicopters are fascinating with all these amazing features they do have certain limitations too. The negatives of helicopters are:

  1. Helicopters are not really aerodynamic as airplanes that is why it cannot glide in the air.
  2. Helicopters can’t fly upside down because rotter blades will pull it towards the ground creating a pull in place of the lift.
  3. You will always know when one is nearby because of the amount of noise that it produces. The sound produced by rotor blades are just too much. Even NASA is working on finding solutions for this.
  4. Speed is one of the main limitations. Helicopters are slower compare to airplanes.

Helicopter not only look amazing, but they are very useful too. So next time you see a helicopter up in the sky or at an airport do remember they are a crucial part of the aviation industry.