Vision Concept and Aviation Institute arranged an informative seminar on 28th July 2018 at our institute. The seminar was for students who want to pursue their career in aviation. Our speakers, Mr. Ayesh Shanah, Mr. David Omandi and Mr. Araj Hassans put some light on various little-known facts related to the career in Aircraft Maintenance.

Mr. Araj Hassan started the event with the introduction of VCATI; it’s inception and the courses that we offer. He also introduced the faculty and staff members of VCATI. The initial presentation was followed by Mr. David and Mr. Ayesh Shanah explaining some key points related to a career in aircraft maintenance.

There was also a question-answer session after each topic where our staff answered the queries of the participants.

Following were the key points we discussed at the seminar:

  1. The value of a License in the Aviation Field:
    To make sure safety within the industry, maintenance engineers are expected to gain a license in the same way as pilots and air traffic controllers. The suitability of the license ensures whether an engineer can certify the work that has been carried out on an aircraft or should it return it to service. It’s crucial that one take out time to understand the licensing process before you find a suitable institute to pursue this course.
    First of all, check the license of the institute where you want to pursue your AME degree. VCATI is approved by GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority), EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and KHDA (Knowledge of Human Development Authority) to train and educate AMEs.
    After the successful completion of Institute training and OJT, you are eligible to apply for your A1 and A2 license. Equipped with A1 and A2 licenses you can apply anywhere in UAE. GCAA recognizes both these licenses. B1 and B2 licenses are approved by EASA which is recognized by 32 countries. By the time you are through your modules you can apply to any airlines in these countries, and if you want to work in countries like India, Pakistan or Africa, you need to do the only module no.10.
    VCATI makes sure that we offer what precisely the field requires. Licenses are crucial if you want to be a part of this industry for a long run. Its impossible to go up the career path without these.
  2. The relation between the EASA and GCAA:
    B1 B2 license training provided by VCATI with our content partners KLMUK Engineering is recognized by EASA. EASA is one of the most powerful certifications which is recognized in 32 countries. EASA can be converted to the country-specific licenses, but you can’t convert vice versa. Just by completing two modules of B1 B2 course you will be eligible for GCAA license.
  3. VCATI’s specialized Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (2 years) Program:
    VCATI train you for one year, and then we take you to OJT (On Job Training) with prominent names in the industry. We ensure OJT as we don’t want to leave our students in mid with partial knowledge. We assure you right knowledge, the right experience, and the right licenses.
    The 1st year includes both practical and theoretical training. The Practical training can be done by various means which gives you initial experience to deal with aircraft parts. You need a combination of both theory and practical to get the license.
  4. Importance of On Job Training::
    AME On Job Training (OJT) aims to train and orient the students about their future career. VCATI provides OJT with industries best like Emirates engineering, Etihad engineering, Aero Gulf, Gama Aviation, MSI, Emirates Balloons Adventures, and Globaljet Technic. VCATI also provides just OJT with Etihad Engineering. We are happy to assist the future AMEs in any manner possible.
    OJT is different from practical training. While practical training can be achieved via workshops and computer-based training, OJT is similar to an actual job where you get the first-hand experience to work with various aircraft and interact with professionals in the field. You also be able to work with a wide range of aircraft. Our OJT partner Etihad Engineering maintain aircraft of many global airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, and many more.
  5. Wrong decisions taken by aspiring AMEs (lack of knowledge and guidance):
    None of the institutes really talks about what AMEs actually are, and what will be their possible future and the best way to reach there. You need to put your future in right hands, who has the right licenses, the right experience, and right intention. VCATI focusses on building a career rather than limiting our students to focus on just a job. Most of the aspirants and current AMEs are not even aware that Type1 and Type2 licenses are going obsolete. None of the institutes update their students about the latest licensing and industry requirements.
    The responsibility of an AME is paramount; you are responsible for 300 lives. That is a lot at stake; you can’t even imagine being careless. Though the job sounds tough yet it offers fantastic benefits too. The licenses ensure you a higher paying job, and the pay increases as you climb up the career ladder. After the completion of the degree, you can opt for various career choices like AME, training AMEs, specialist, and inspection. The amount of hight that you can travel in this field is unlimited unless you keep restricting yourself. Our experts also explained the importance of typewriting courses which no other institution even talk about.
    The seminar was followed by the tour of VCATI with our director Mr. Mahesh Chowdhary, where aspirants were able to visit our workshops and classroom facilities.
    Detailed video of this event is available on our Facebook page. Kindly follow the link::https://www.facebook.com/vcatidubai/videos/1906065706082624/