What are Factors that affect the Pay Scale for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers?

Just like any other Professions Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ Pay scale mostly depend on two primary factors Education and Experience. However, being a technical field, continuous learning is inevitable. There are other factors too that directly affect what Aviation Maintenance Engineers earn.
Some of the factors include:

  • Education Level: This mainly refers to the kind of certification level you obtain, whether A1 A2 or next level B1 B2 courses. The institute or the module that you choose to do these courses also plays an important role.
  • Experience: This involves two factors; the years of practice and the types of aircraft and parts that you have worked with. For Example, helicopters, gliders, big airplanes etc.
  • Type of Institutes for Certification and Licensing: While choosing AME institutes always check their affiliation and certification and the type of courses they provide. As your future employer do check the quality of training that you would have received as a student.
  • Industry: Bigger the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering firm, bigger can be the remuneration. Reputed Airlines and Maintenance organization provide lucrative packages coupled with benefits and perks.
  • Type of work you perform: Salary will also depend on how critical and important your work is. Aircraft Maintenance inspector who finally confirms the airworthiness of an aircraft often draws better salary than the engineers.
  • Specialization: If you have specialized skills and experience on the certain type of aircraft or its parts like engines, electrical system, handling specialized software for maintenance, you have more chances of drawing better salary.
  • Certification: The more you learn, the more you earn; it’s 100% true when it comes to this field. The number of Certification and License you earn will give you more leverage while negotiating your package.
  • Geographic Location: Location is one of the primary factors while deciding the salary range of non-executive jobs.