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Publication Date : April 17, 2019

Publication Name : gulfnews.com

Break into tech

GN Focus looks at the key skills you need to improve your employability in the tech sector
In the near future, it is more likely you will be heading to the balcony instead of the door to receive your online purchases and food orders. Delivery drones and aerial robots are expected to dot the skies, along with flying cars and taxis. But who will be in the background, managing and servicing this new-fangled sector? Well, it will most likely be the current crop of students, who are keeping track of emerging tech trends and preparing themselves to turn these trends into lucrative career opportunities.

Mohamed Al Suwaidi, Chairman and Founder of the Dubai-based Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute (VCATI), asserts that it is critical to prepare for the future needs of both the industry and the students. VCATI offers a course that trains students to design, maintain and repair drones, flying cars and hover bikes.

This BTEC course is uniquely structured to cater to the technological evolution of an industry taking the aerial route for transport and delivery. It will enable students to participate in the next trillion-dollar opportunity.
– Mohamed Al Suwaidi, Chairman and Founder, Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute (VCATI)