Publication Date : February 28, 2019

Publication Name : Madhyamam

New job opportunities are on the rise in UAE Aviation Sector

UAE Aviation sector is expected to create 7.5 lakh new job opportunities by 2020. Captain Mohamed Obaid Al Suwaidi, Founder of VCATI, mentioned this with his 28 years of experience as a pilot in the National Army and a representative of UAE in UN peace corps.

The Higher National Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is awarded by BTE-Pearson, UK, while the Business Management course is approved by ATHE, UK. Both the Boards are regulated by Ofqual (the office of Qualification and Examination Regulation), UK.

Captain Mohamed Obaid Al Suwaidi, Founder of VCATI, said, “Our new courses will open opportunities to hundreds of professionals inside and outside the aviation industry to enhance their careers by qualifying for high potential jobs.”

Mahesh Kumar, Director of VCATI, said that both the programmes are particularly suited to students passing out of school who are looking to gain relevant qualifications in a flexible fashion at an economical cost in less time.

“Many students passing out of school in the UAE have work opportunities that offer them source of revenue as well as valuable work experience. These courses are an ideal way to continue education while taking advantage of these work opportunities, because of the flexible training schedule saving time and money with no compromise on the quality of education and opportunities to progress to recognised universities around the world at each stage in the course,” he said.

The programmes train and equip students via classroom and practical training to a set curriculum of international boards so the education is like attending college.

The first batch of students will be enrolled in March and the second in June to accommodate students from the CBSE and ICSE school boards. Students passing Class X or equivalent to an A level.

Students who have completed Class XII of A levels can join Level 4, followed by Level 5 – equivalent to first and second year of a bachelor’s degree or can continue to complete their Bachelors in UAE itself.

Cost of tuitions is lower than standard fees with generous scholarships of 30 to 40 % depending on merit.