Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is the duration of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program Category A1/A2 license is a two-year Program. Year 1 – Theory & Practical Year 2 – On Job Training (OJT)

2) What is the fee structure?

The total fees if USD 30,000 for two years The above fee incudes: • Course Fee • Examination Fee • Tools • Study Material • Laptop

3) What is the AME course about?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a Program. This is a licensed course, and ONLY the license holders can work on the Aircraft (as per regulations). AME’s are required to conduct checks before every flight takes off and to work in the MRO’s where Aircraft are repaired & inspected.

4) What is the admission requirement?

12th Grade pass from any stream is the primary requirement for the course. But we give a lot of importance to the eagerness of the students to get into this fast-growing sector and more importantly the attitude towards accuracy and hard work.

5) What are the documents required for the admission?

Duly Filled admission form along with all documents mentioned in the Admission Form.

6) What is the criterion for the scholarship?

Marks obtained in the FSC / A Levels / 12th Standard. Background in the Aviation sector.

7) What is the admission process?

You need to submit duly filled Admission form along with all documents & mail it to info@vacti.ae Once you get admission confirmation from the Institute, you need to pay your 1st Instalment. Then the institute would process your students Visa & get Admission Finalization Letter.

8) What are the course timings?

From morning 9 am to 3 pm, 5 days a week.

9) Does the institute provide visas for its students?

Yes, Institute provides Visa for the tenure of the course.

10) In how many installments should the fee be paid?

Total fees must be paid in the 1st year of the course.

11) Does the institute provide accommodation?

We have Institute’s accommodation facility close to Midriff City Centre.

12) Does the course fee include the accommodation fee?

The Course fee does not include the accommodation fees.

13) How much is the accommodation fee?

The accommodation fee is AED 1200 per month for a room which would be shared by three students. This also includes the utilities like Fridge, Cooking Range, Washing Machine, Internet and Electricity as well as pickup and drop from the Institute. This doesn’t cover food.

14) What are the career opportunities after completing the AME course?

After completing AME A1/A2 license program, students would get job opportunities in the Middle East with an average annual pay of USD 30,000. On successful completion of the course, the institute guarantees a job.

15) Is your institute CAR147 approved?

Yes, we are CAR 147 approved organization.

16) Are there any job opportunities available abroad?

We give our students GCAA approved license which is also EASA approved that is recognized in 147 countries globally. Hence, the students would have the opportunity to work in any of these countries.

17) Does this course include practical training?

A lot of emphasis is given on Practical Training. In fact, in the first year, over 50% of time students would spend to practically understand the concepts learned in theory.

18) What is the fee for OJT?

There is no fee charged by the Institute for OJT, but there are companies like Air Arabia who charges up to USD 5000 per annum for OJT. Most of our other partners like Jet Aviation, Falcon Recycling, and others don’t charge anything for OJT.

19) Where is the institute located?

We are located at Garhoud (Dubai), just behind Emirates Headquarters. It’s walking distance from Emirates Metro Station.

20) Is the course approved by GCAA?

Yes, we are GCAA Approved.

21) I have completed my 12th grade in Arts so am I eligible to apply for this course?

Yes, you are eligible for the course. It is important that you are willing to study Maths and Physics with many other technical subjects.

22) How many students in one class?

As per GCAA standards, maximum we can have 20 students in each class, but we restrict to 15 students so that we can give personalized attention to each one.

23) I am unable to pay $30,000 for the course so what should I do?

We think this course is an attractive opportunity to start your career in the fast growing aviation sector in UAE. This course gives you the opportunity to get a salary of almost the same amount on first year itself on completion of the course. You can try for scholarship but there the preference is given to your past performance & how quickly you apply.

24) Is your institute based in Pakistan?

We are currently based in UAE ONLY.

25) What is the chance of me getting into a good airline?

Only completion of the course you can immediately get jobs in Airlines like Air Arabia or MRO’s like Jet Aviation, SR Technics or Recycling companies like Falcon Recycling.

26) What are A1 and A2?

A1 is about Airplane turbine & A2 is about Airplane pistons

27) What are B1 and B2?

B1 can be subdivided into: • B1.1- Airplane turbines • B1.2- Airplane piston • B1.3- Helicopter turbines • B1.4- Helicopter piston B2 is a combination of Avionics & Electric (Aviated Electronics) B1 & B2 requires 2 years practical work experience

28) I have completed a few modules so do I get an exemption at your institute or would I repeat them?

For all modules completed, we would get the certificates verified by GCAA. On acceptance of those, you don’t have to repeat those modules.

29) I am a vocational pass so can I join this program?

Yes, you can apply for this course.

30) Do you give salary for the OJT?

OJT is a part of your studies and you would not be paid during that period.

31) I have already completed my AME so can I join your institute for OJT directly?

We never take you directly for OJT as we need to be sure of the capabilities before you go to our partners for OJT. We offer a six months refresher program and only then take the student for OJT.

32) Can I join in for B1?

You can always join for B1/B2 course, which will take 4 years. 2 years of Theory and Practical and 2 years of OJT. Alternatively, we counsel our students to join 2 year program of A1/A2 license in which you will do 1st year Theory & Practical & 2nd year OJT. On successful completion of that, you get a Job. After you have worked for 2 years you can come back to us & we would train you part-time for 3 months & once you clear your exams you get your B1/B2 license. In both the cases you take 4 years to get your B1/B2 license, but the path we counsel, you can make money from the 3rd year itself.

33) What is the Refund Policy for different courses.

For Refund Policy of all our courses, kindly visit https://vcati.ae/refund-policy/



Guaranteed OJT and JOB for AME Course

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