Head Trainer
Moatasem Aiyad : Head of the Training

Moatasem Aiyad

Head of the Training

Moatasem, is a certified Trainer and Instructor. He has 21 years of aerospace engineering and aviation business experience. He served previously as Regional Manager of Aerospace Field Services for repeatable Aircrafts and Aircraft parts’ manufacturer (ex: Crane Aerospace and Honeywell Aerospace) on the technical support , training & development strategies.

Prior to those roles, Moatasem was in leadership & managerial positions for various critical jobs, MCC Manager, Chief Engineer, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in several airlines around the globe. Since early 1996 he is approved certified Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for the airlines’ line maintenance, base maintenance & heavy packages checks. He was instrumental on Airbuses and Boeing aircrafts types, where he made significant engineering, operational, man-hour, and quality improvements.

Moatasem received his bachelor's 2nddegree in Aeronautics and Engineering from the United States Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University,  his MBA from Arab Academy for Science, Transportation & Maritime, and his Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI Pennsylvania as scholarship from Boeing Corp.