Mathrubhumi (Malayalam Daily)

Publication Date : February 28, 2019

Publication Name : Mathrubhumi (Malayalam Daily)

Dubai institute opens new vistas for high school graduates

By 2020 there will be nearly 7.5 lakh job opportunities in UAE Aviation sector. Captain Mohamed Obaid Al Suwaidi, Founder of VCATI, was talking from his 28 years of experience as a pilot in the National Army.

Captain Al Suwaidi was talking at the launch of new aviation courses by the Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute (VCATI), Dubai. He also mentioned that there had been a considerable amount of investments happening in UAE’ Aviation sector (nearly $54500 millions). UAE aviation sector is on the boom and expected to generate a significant number of job opportunities in the near future.

With a wide range of aviation courses, students have more than one options to choose from. VCATI also have part-time corporate courses which are well-suited for working professionals. There are many courses which a student can pursue after completing his/her 10th standard. VCATI has students from over 15 countries studying on their campus.