CAPT. Mohammed Al Suwaidi

CAPT. Mohammed Al Suwaidi


Mohammed Al-Suwaidi is the founder and Accountable Manager of Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute. As an Accountable Manager Mohammed oversees the entire organisation’s activities including general compliance under the auspices the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) CAR 147.

Mohammed joined General Civil Aviation Authority, United Arab Emirates as a Flight Operation Inspector in the Flight Operations Department and reported directly to Executive Director Aviation Safety Affairs Sector for Private and Special Operations, where he conducts routine inspection, surveillance, audits, evaluations and approvals in support of the Helicopter Safety.

Mohammed is an experienced Air Force Pilot of the National Army of the United Arab Emirates, which has empowered him to develop number of transferable core competences, including ranking relations, professionalism, leadership, teamwork, training and development, communication, cultural understanding, planning, organisation, problem solving and the ability to work under pressure.

Mohammed’s career spans more than two decades within the Aviation Industry and is an asset to the company overall.