What makes VCATI the best career choice?
  1. Training in Dubai: Dubai is truly a cosmopolitan city in all respect. It is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and offers a wide range of career opportunities for aspirants of the aviation industry. All the major MROs, aircraft maintenance companies, airlines have offices in Dubai. Moreover, there are many private and corporate aircraft owners.
  2. Learn from Experts: VCATI has one of the best team of faculties available in Dubai. Most of the faculty members have vast industry experience and are highly qualified. VCATI also have visiting faculties coming from renowned institutes. Our instructors and trainers are passionate teachers who believe in developing careers of our student rather than simply focussing on classroom knowledge.
  3. Content Partner: At VCATI we constantly strive to improve the learning environment for our students. We focus on keeping them one step ahead of the changing technology in aircraft maintenance. We have collaborated with Jeppesen Learning Solutions (Boeing Company) for providing the learning content for AME courses. Similarly, for B1.1 and B2 courses we provide access to KLMUKE course content via Virtual Learning Environment.
  4. Industry Partners: VCATI has partnered with renowned names in aviation and education industry for providing corporate training solutions. Some of the prominent names are GEMS Education, JET Aviation, Emirates Aviation services, GAMA Aviation
  5. Guaranteed OJT: OJT is a very important aspect for technical courses. We assure OJT for all the students after the successful completion of the AME course with prominent names in the Industry.
  1. Guaranteed Job: VCATI Guarantee you your first Job after the successful completion of AME course which no one else is offering currently. VCATI sets itself apart from other institutes in UAE with our Guaranteed Job Programme. In this one-of-the-kind programme, our students get groomed throughout their training period to handle the real-world situation and work in big names in the field.
  2. Students from 12 Countries: Our team encourages the intellectual learning environment where students coming from diverse background learn and study together in order to achieve a common goal. Diversity in our campus enriches the world knowledge.
  3. Complete assistance in the VISA process: Our administration handles end to end process related to VISA process. We also assist in finding accommodation for our students especially female students.